Dual Language Program: State Departments’ Empowering Role

Dual Language Program: State Departments' Empowering Role

Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek has announced that the Dual Language Program (DLP) will be run by a different person. This is an exciting change for the field of education. This article will go into more depth about how state education departments carrying out DLP. Giving schools personalized solutions, and making the classroom more bilingual.

Dual Language Program: Choices that are made just for each school

Dual Language Program: State Departments' Empowering Role

Dear Mr. Fadhlina Sidek made it clear that putting the DLP into action would done in a way. That unique to each school and would take into account its own problems and difficulties. With the move toward a more personalized method, the state education departments will be in charge of solving problems at the guideline level.

Dual Language Program: The Five Big Schools

The approval for the full adoption of the DLP in five chosen schools is a big step forward in this project. These schools—SK Convent Bukit Nanas (1), SK Bukit Damansara, SJKT Vivekananda, SJKT Segambut, and SJKT Ladang Edinburgh—are now at the top of the system for teaching in two languages.

Dual Language Program: Full Specifics

A letter from the Kuala Lumpur Education Department on December 1 shows that this deal is only for this school. It says that the full adoption of the DLP is set for students in Standard 1 in the two groups of schools in 2023 and 2024. This step is very important, as shown in the letter signed by Roslan Abu Hassan, the head of the Kuala Lumpur Education Department.

Keeping Important People Informed

The Kuala Lumpur Education Department knows how important clear communication is, so they have told schools to tell both the Parents-Teacher Association (PIBG) and the parents or guardians of the students about this choice. This method makes sure that everyone is aware of the changes that are happening.

Taking Care of Old Concerns

Some parents of first-graders in four schools worried about the Education Ministry’s tougher DLP rules earlier. Some kids had to work overnight because they had to take at least one full class per school. It is to learn subjects in Bahasa Malaysia before they could start DLP classes. People upset about the quick switch from learning subjects in English to Bahasa Malaysia, and some wondered why the rules had to be so strict.

Another Step Towards Great Bilingualness

The education system is about to change for the better as the state education offices take over implementing the DLP. This move not only helps each school with its own problems. But it also stresses a more adaptable and personalized way of teaching bilingually.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the way education is changing in Malaysia shows that the government wants to give students a well-rounded bilingual experience. When state education offices run the Dual Language Program. It will be easier for everyone to use and adapt to new situations. Stay tuned for more news as our school system continues to grow and change.